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Bowers Fancy Dairy Products carries a full line of cheese and dairy products including local farmstead products

From Meadow Creek Dairy, Galax Virginia

GRAYSON ~ Styled after the Italian Taleggio but with Meadow Creek's rich Jersey milk and a longer aging time. Surface ripened with a thin reddish-orange washed rind, Grayson is a soft cheese, finely textured and almost liquid when fully ripe and served at room temperature. Very rich and beefy with a pungent aroma and a nutty, sweet overtone.

APPALACHIAN ~ A lightly cooked, pressed-curd cheese, aged for at least sixty days in Meadow Creek's cellars, Appalachian is similar to a simple French Tomme. The final product is a densely textured cheese with a supple straw-colored paste. The taste is gentle

and buttery with earthy undertones and citrus notes; the rindwhite with glimpses of gray.

MOUNTAINEER ~ has a smooth supple texture and a natural brushed rind. Mountaineer is aged in Meadow Creek's cellars a minimum of six months, giving it a concentrated flavor, toasted and nutty with a hint of butterscotch.

From Cherry Glen Goat Cheese Co, Boyd Maryland

CHERRY GLEN CHEVRE, Farmstead Fresh Goat Cheese hand-dipped fresh chevre is soft (similar to cream cheese) but has a distinctive tangy flavor. Although it tastes great as is, many enjoy adding herbs and other flavorings to this cheese. It is delicious on bread or toast with honey drizzled over.

MONOCACY SILVER Farmstead Fresh Goat Cheese, This is a soft-ripened half-pound cylindrical shaped cheese with a white mold exterior. It is more tangy and flavorful than most Brie but ripens to a similar creamy internal consistency. As with Brie, many prefer to eat the rind with the cheese. This great "go to" cheese works well anytime.

MONOCACY ASH Farmstead Fresh Goat Cheese, This soft-ripened two-layer cheese is very similar to the previous cheese, but has an edible ash coating and ash line through the center. Using the same culture as in the Silver, this more complex cheese tastes slightly different due to the alkalinity of the vegetable ash. Although we would not pair this with Champagne or dark chocolate - it ranks right up there. Decadent!

MONOCACY CHIPOTLE Farmstead Fresh Goat Cheese,  This cheese has the same format as the Silver and Ash. It comes on smoky and follows through with a wonderfully spicy finish. It is perfect for a savory breakfast strata or tart.

MONOCACY GOLD Farmstead Fresh Goat Cheese, The curd for the Gold is drawn at higher pH than the Silver or Ash. Not as heavy as Brie, this delicate, mild flavored cheese is smooth and silky. Sprinkle generously with dry crushed fennel and enjoy with your favorite crusty bread!

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